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I saw Faye because I’d suffered a long abusive Childhood. One which had many different and very difficult abusive phases. Including child abuse and rape, I know for some this will be hard to read. But I know for those who are shocked there will be many more HOPEFUL that this could be the start they need. Faye taught me to relax. Rejoice in being me, after 40 trillion years it was a revelation. I bought into her method because she doesn’t know how not to inspire people. I had undergone countless therapy sessions with load of other idiots. Then I met Faye. I’m still work in progress BUT I now own my own body and I think it’s marvellous. So feeling low, self esteem not that good. Look no further, this lady listens and provides practical advice that works. It also fitted in to my manic almost crazy life xx

Anon Reigate and Banstead RH1 Mum of loads

During my 6 sessions of hypnotherapy I noticed gradual and significant changes in my mood, self esteem and overall positivity. My sleep pattern improved. I began to set myself small manageable tasks which I have stuck to rather than procrastinating things in my mind (be it getting up early for an exercise class, or doing something out of my comfort zone – applying for jobs, travelling alone, or simply just getting stuff done!) Faye’s calming, kind approach helped me to relax and feel comfortable during all of my appointments, I felt able to get everything off my chest and talk openly about how I was feeling. I was always apprehensive about the concept of hypnotherapy – however I found the experience comforting, and never once felt anything but peace. It is amazing how a bit of TLC and a few small and simple changes (which Faye helped me to make) have made such a huge difference to my everyday.